Turin, Italy, 2011

todrink www.todrink.it is a project for public awareness on water consumption. The project born from a reflection on water consumption styles outside home, at work, at school, at university or simply walking around the city. Nowadays, the social model of consuming bottled water instead of public water has become common. People got used to it, following the widespread misconception that bottled water is qualitatively better. Even in our city, people do not fully exploit of the opportunity to enjoy free and responsible public water. We should ask to ourself: how many plastic bottles do we consume everyday?How often do we take advantage of the toret, the famous fountain of Turin? Nei luoghi di studio, di lavoro, e di svago in giro per la città: tutti consumano, al di fuori dei pasti, almeno mezzo litro di acqua al giorno, e nella maggioranza dei casi si tratta di acqua in bottiglia. E' facile comprendere come questo stile di consumo abbia ricadute negative sull'ambiente. todrink suggests a lifestyle that respects the environment through the use of a lasting item as an alternative to consumerist disponsable products. todrink tries to give a concrete answer to the overuse of bottled mineral water and the waste of plastic it produces. todrink would like people to reflect on how a simple change in daily habits, using tap water and reusable bottles, may have a positive impact on the environment but also on their money.


public event


bam! + panecastagne


Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, Dario Forneris, Federico Martorana, Flavio Montagner


Valeria Bruni, Paolo Carignano, Marco Vivirito, Giulia Nardi, Fabio Vignolo